Anti-Slip Treatment

Anti-Slip Treatments

We have a range of anti-slip treatments which are effective on most surfaces including natural stone, marble, granite, travertine, ceramics, porcelain and polished concrete. Our treatment is continually developed to ensure it remains the most effective treatment for a diverse range of areas. We have installed our treatment with excellent results in commercial and domestic kitchens, bathrooms, pool surrounds, schools, leisure centres, hotels and holidays parks to name but a few.

The science behind the results

Our anti-slip treatments micro-etches the tile which works to accentuate the natural peaks and troughs of the surface. The changes to the surface are invisible to the human eye but it microscopically roughens to increase the slip resistance, thereby preventing the foot slipping.

Anti Slip Diagram 5


The aim of the treatment is to achieve the maximum grip with the minimum impact to the aesthetics of the floor. Our treatment is adjusted to each individual tile depending on its porosity and density. Our treatment is fast drying and has no curing time.  It is permanent in so much it is a treatment rather than a coating however it will wear away over time depending on footfall.

We would recommend re-application periodically particularly in areas of high footfall traffic. Frequency would be dependant upon analysis of the site and re-application would be combined with a generic deep clean. To give you an example in a very busy area with high footfall an annual re-application would be prudent, however a private residence may not be required for many years.

After we have applied the treatment we issue comprehensive slip test results and a tailored maintenance schedule. The cleaning products recommended and used by us on-site, and are designed to work in conjunction with the treatments and sealants applied. A certificate of conformity to HSE guidelines is also issued – valid for one year (Conditions apply).

Our anti-slip treatment is also effective on baths and showers. With certificates issued showing the baths and showers meet the HSE’s recommendations for ‘low potential for slip’, your due diligence can be clearly seen should it be called into question.

Anti-Slip Treatment Options

Our anti-slip treatment is controlled to achieve the maximum level of grip (36+ PTV in wet and dry conditions) with the minimum impact to the floor’s aesthetics. Different characteristics of floors, (porosity, density etc) combined with the operational use requires tailored applications. Due to the complexity of the treatment – our fully trained teams would be required to apply the treatment to your floor.

For existing floors we can visit the location, test the floor and conduct a discreet demonstration of the anti-slip treatment if required.

If you would like to ask us a question about our anti-slip treatment please contact us today.


Video showing a recent leisure centre project where we conducted a deep clean and anti-slip treatment to raise the floor to 50PTV (Low Potential for Slip)


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