Baths & Showers

 Anti-Slip Treatment for Baths and Shower Trays

Our anti-slip treatment for baths offers a unique safety treatment for both baths and shower trays. The treatment guarantees are area to be non-slip when wet. Pendulum slip tests can be conducted providing certificate of conformity valid for one year. These certificates will state the baths meet HSE guidelines.

We work with a number of hotels, hospitals, residential homes, health clubs and schools, providing them with peace of mind and ensuring their duty of care is met.

The area treated is usable within minutes and is guaranteed for up to 3 years. Our out of hours service is available for works can be completed overnight to minimise disruption for the business.

For a domestic bath or shower floor we recommend our DIY anti-slip kit which is ideal for ceramic & porcelain floors as well as porcelain baths and covers up to 10sqm.

Bath pendulum