Pool Surround & Changing Room Maintenance

Correct pool surround and changing room maintenance is essential for your clients and reputation. Your customers want to see a clean, safe and sanitary environment.

Some general cleaning methods move the dirt around rather than removing it. This very quickly leads to a surface build-up consisting of a combination of detergent residues, body fats and in many cases, calcium. This film is extremely difficult to remove and will leave the floor looking dirty and, in most cases, slippery.

We have experience working with rubber crumb, ceramic, porcelain and natural stone pool surrounds. Whether it is anti-slip treatment you require or a thorough deep clean, our expert team will complete the work with noticeable results.  To help we can carry out the works out of hours if requested, so as not to disrupt the general running of your business.

A slip test will be conducted and a  full report and certificate of conformity to the HSE slip resistance guidelines will be issued. In addition we also provide a tailored cleaning schedule for optimum onwards maintenance.

We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning products which we use on-site or can recommend suitable products for your cleaning teams to use.