West Lothian Council

West Lothian Council


Xcite Leisure run 10 sites throughout the West Lothian District on behalf of West Lothian Council.

The Brief

Xcite Leisure approached Sliptech in relation to the upkeep of their pool surrounds and changing areas. Their facilities were  starting to look tired but they were also experiencing slip issues in some areas.  They were looking for a solution which would enable them to not only ensure their duty of care to customers and staff was met but would also be cost effective and long lasting.

After researching the options available to them West Lothian contacted a number of local companies to discuss the effectiveness of Anti Slip products and had found none able to provide an effective solution that met all of their requirements.

Following a recommendation they contacted Sliptech to discuss the issue in more detail.

The Sliptech Solution

A team was dispatched to analyse each site – this process consisted of conducting a number of pendulum slip tests at each location to diagnose problem areas and areas where HSE guidelines were not met and an analysis as to why this may be occurring.  Sliptech then carried out tests on a small area to not only demonstrate the aesthetic difference that could also be achieved by deep cleaning but also the improvements in slip resistance that were possible. This procedure was carried out on each different type of flooring.

These sites were then closely monitored by Xcite Leisure over a period to ensure that results did not fall away and that even areas of heavy foot traffic would maintain these improvements.

Changing   Vinyl Clean

The Plan

Initial Deep Clean and Anti Slip treatments were carried out to great effect and the original look of the flooring was restored as well as the slip resistance increased to safe levels.  Each site was issued with a Certificate of Conformity to demonstrate their duty of care had been met.  Full warranties were issued.

Sliptech compiled a schedule which included a bespoke maintenance regime, product recommendations and onwards care.  Training was conducted at each site with cleaning staff to familiarise them with the most effective processes and techniques for these types of areas.

Onwards Care

The onwards care package includes the supplying of cleaning products and conducting annual slip tests and Certificates of Conformity.  On each annual visit Sliptech also assesses each site, conducts tests and ensures that the maintenance regimes are effective.

If a drop in quality assessments are recorded for any areas recommendations are made as to how to rectify these, further staff training conducted where necessary and spot cleaning to ensure an even result throughout.


“Sliptech carried out floor treatments on a number of our swimming pool surrounds and changing areas as well as deep cleans on vinyl surfaces in changing rooms. The work has reduced a high slip potential to low potential reducing a risk to our staff and customers. As all the work was carried out of opening hours the service to our customers was not disrupted saving a lot in potential lost income. The feedback from our staff was very positive about the professionalism and support from Sliptech staff as well as the quality of the finished surfaces in their facilities with improvements clearly visible. The help and advice from Sliptech was great in the preparation of the work and putting processes in place to maintain the surfaces. With a good warranty Sliptech offer excellent long term value. I would certainly use Sliptech again.”

Russell Brown, Health and Safety Compliance Manager

Xcite Leisure Centres, West Lothian.