Exclusive Hotel Spa

Exclusive Hotel Spa

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The Brief

To conduct quarterly deep cleans to ensure the floor looks at its best and is at the required slip resistance rating.

We have worked with this client for many years and continue to provide a quarterly deep cleaning service on all their spa and swimming pool floors.

The Sliptech Solution

We visit quarterly and conduct a thorough deep clean to the spa and pool flooring to remove surface contamination. The areas is then rinsed using a scrubber dryer to completely remove all residues.

The cleaning products we use are specialist products which our client purchases from us for their daily cleaners to use to compliment the quarterly deep cleans we complete.

Conducting regular deep cleans helps to build up a history of the floor and highlight any concerns before they develop. Regular pendulum slip test are conducted and ensure the floor is performing in terms of slip resistance also.

The Sliptech After Care

Our cleaning products are used on a daily basis and a cleaning maintenance schedule we supplied is followed. This ensures the floor is kept looking and performing at its best. Our quarterly deep cleans ensure the floors are clean and slip free throughout the year.