Luxury Residential Apartments

Luxury Residential Apartments


The Brief

Located in London – these luxury residential apartments benefit from en-suites and family bathrooms decorated with gorgeous marble flooring.  Sliptech were asked to apply their anti-slip treatment to all 311 bathrooms ensuring the slip resistance was raised to above 36 pendulum test value.

The Sliptech Solution

A sample tile was tested in our in-house laboratory – where extensive tests were carried out on the tile ensuring the anti-slip treatment resulted in the tile reaching 36+PTV in wet condition.

Tests were also carried out on a sealer to be applied to the tile without affecting the slip resistance value.

The client approved the sample tile and instructed us to conduct the works.

The works were completed a phase at a time once the bathrooms had been tiled. All floors were anti-slip treated and sealed to aid ongoing maintenance.

Pendulum Slip Results were conducted across a section of the bathroom to provide certificate of conformity and due diligence paperwork for the client.

luxury bathroom image