Deep Cleaning

Floor Deep Cleaning

In our experience a high number of slippery floors s down to surface contamination and poor maintenance. After thorough deep cleaning, we can advise on cleaning products and procedures to help keep these floors clean and safe. Ensuring they meet HSE (Health and Safety Executive) guidelines for slip resistance.

We can offer cleaning staff training to ensure the day to day cleaning regime is correct for the type of floor and the products used do not have an adverse effect on the slip resistance.

Our projects have included deep cleaning and anti-slip treatments in a range of business including swimming pool surrounds, changing rooms, hotel foyers and bathrooms, health clubs, spas, schools, universities, restaurants, kitchens, hospitals, shopping centres. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide long term solutions to maintain the aesthetics and safety of your floors.

Pool Surrounds and Changing Rooms – We have extensive knowledge on the maintenance of pool surrounds and changing rooms. Whether it is in terms of deep cleaning or anti-slip treatment – please contact us to find out how we can ensure your floors are clean and safe for all your customers.




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