DIY Anti-Slip Kit


Quick Overview

DIY Anti-Slip kit, ideal for ceramic & porcelain floors as well as porcelain baths

Product Description

This DIY product is specifically designed to increase the slip resistance of domestic porcelain and ceramic floors. For correct treatment it is advisable to treat a maximum area of 10m2 at a time since the product dries very quickly when it comes into contact with a ceramic or porcelain surface; always do a small test on relevant floor first!
The kit will cover up to 10sqm and consist of a pre-treatment, Anti-Slip Activator and a Cleaner/Degreaser for maintenance. Disposable gloves and instructions complete the package.•
Totally safe for domestic use– not an acid etching treatment.
• Suitable for kitchens bathrooms, showers, jacuzzis & wet rooms
• Easily applied by brush or mop
• Will not damage or attack the surface
• Effective for bare feet and a variety of footwear
• Can be used on polished or high gloss tiles
• Surfaces can be walked on immediately following treatment
• Treated surfaces are easily cleaned and maintained
• Minimum 3 year life expectancy
• Unique proven patented system
The kit has been specifically designed around the “end user” for small domestic applications, where our professional service is either not required or not economically viable.
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