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Heavy Duty Scale and Rust Remover – 5 litres

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Heavy Duty Scale and Rust Remover

Scalcon is an intensified blend of acids containing surfactants and corrosion inhib­itors. It will rapidly remove concrete deposits and calcium build ups from most floors and walls. Its de-scaling ability will dissolve heavy calcium deposits in rapid time. Scalcon offers rapid performance making it very economical.

It should be used with caution on non-ferrous metals and stainless steel.

Dilution and Directions of Use:

De-rusting: Treat affected area by brush method and hose off with water. Alternatively immerse components in a dip tank (Must be constructed by polythene or polypropylene. When clean hose off with water.

De-scaling: Apply Scalcon to tiles at a 10-1 dilution and allow to activate for 5 minutes. Scrub area with a nylon pad or wire brush before thoroughly rinsing with clean water

Scalcon can be diluted with up to 10 parts water for all purposes. Optimum dilution is dictated by the degree of soiling and method used.

SCALCON contains hydrochloric acid which can cause burns. 

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Safety Data Sheet

Scalcon Safety Data Sheet