Ultra Clean


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Sanitising Safety Floor Cleaner – available in 5 litres and 1 litre


Product Description

Sanitising Safety Floor Cleaner

A versatile floor cleaner for most flooring materials. The product penetrates and emulsifies impacted dirt immediately, destroying bacteria and reducing danger of cross contamination, thus keeping surfaces clean. Removes bacteria that cause odour and is a positive aid in the control of fungi, mildrew and mound. Ultra Clean is fully biodegradable.

Dilution: 1 part to 20 parts water for machine scrubbing and general cleaning. For heavy soiling use neat, ready to use solution.

Directions for use:  Application by scrubber dryer, dedicated mop or squeegee. Leave in contact with floor surface for 3-5 minutes.. Thoroughly scrub with soft brushes on a scrubber dryer or with a soft bristled broom. Rinse thoroughly with clean water using a scrubber dryer of hose to drains.

Do not apply neat to polished marble, terrazzo or granite.

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1kg (1 Litre), 5kg (5 Litres)

Safety Data Sheet

Ultra Clean Safety Data Sheet