Vinyl & Rubber Floor Clean

Vinyl Flooring

In many pool surrounds and changing rooms vinyl fooring is often viewed as a cheaper and less problematic alternative to tiling. This said however, vinyl floors still needs to be
maintained in the correct manner to prevent them becoming both unsightly and dangerous in terms of slip resistance.
If body fats or detergent residues are allowed to form on the surface, this will lead to a dirty film occurring that is difficult to remove with general cleaning. Our specialist teams are well
trained in removing this film and returning the slip resistance to its original condition.

Vinyl Clean

Rubber Flooring

Rubber  flooring offers a safe and durable surface for many pool surround and changing room areas, especially for children and disabled areas. Whilst it offers a lot in terms of safety due to its porous nature, it’s sometimes difficult to clean. Often, in pool and hard water areas, calcium starts to build up on the surface and this tends to leave a white film over the surface. If this then mixes with body fats and surface soiling this white film will start to turn brown and the areas will become very unsightly as well as possibly rather unsanitary.
By using specialist products and machinery we can remove this build up thereby restoring the floor to its original ‘as new’ appearance and can then offer advice on how to maintain this

Deep Clean