Do you cover the whole of the UK?

Yes – our professional expert teams cover the whole of the UK. We also offer an out of hours service for works to be conducted when the facility is closed as not to disrupt the day to day running of your business.

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Will I need to close my business for the day?

We offer an out of hours service – where we can conduct the works required when your facility of closed.  This includes evenings and weekends.

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I have a sample tile – can you test before I lay the floor?

Yes – we offer an in-house laboratory testing service.

For the price of £75.00 a sample tile can be sent to us (minimum size of 200 x 200mm). We will then conduct an ‘as found’ pendulum slip test on the tile. If requested if the tile should fall below 36ptv we can apply our anti-slip treatment to half of the tile. Following this we will then conduct a pendulum slip test with ‘after treatment’ results.  The tile and results will then be sent back to you.

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Will I receive a certificate to confirm my floor is safe?

Yes you will receive a certificate of conformity which is valid for 12 months.  We would then recommend a follow up slip-test and deep clean to ensure the slip resistance is maintained. A further certificate would then be issued.

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I think my floor is safe but need to be able to demonstrate this to customers, how can I prove this?

We would recommend a pendulum slip test be conducted to confirm the floor has a low slip resistance. A certificate of conformity will be issued.

This certificate can be displayed to show you are carrying out your due diligence procedure for your customers and employees.

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How do I know if my floor passes HSE recommendations and is safe?

A pendulum slip test would need to be conducted on the floor. This will confirm if the floor falls in the ‘low slip resistant’ category and is safe for its requirement.

After we have conducted the slip test we will produce a comprehensive report. If your floor registers a ‘low potential for slip’ result we will supply you with a certificate to confirm your floor meets HSE recommendations. This certificate can then be proof of your due diligence towards your customers and employees.

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I have chosen a tile for a new floor but need to check it will pass HSE recommendations?

Our in-house testing laboratory can test tile sample measuring a minimum of 200 x 200mm. The pendulum slip test to BS EN 16165: 2021 can be conducted starting from £90.00 plus VAT per sample.

This will provide you with full slip test results and any recommendations should the tile not reach 36+ on the pendulum slip test.


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What does a Slip Test Involve?

The pendulum slip test has been recognised by the Health and Safety Executive as a reliable and robust test to provide accurate analysis on the slip potential of all types of floors.

The testing is based on a swinging, imitation heel sweeping over a set area of flooring in a controlled manner. The slipperiness of the flooring has a direct and measurable effect on the pendulum test value (PTV) given. The test can be used to portray bare foot and shod foot, dependent on the area the tile is to be used. We conduct pendulum slip test to British Standard BS EN 16165: 2021 and BS-EN14231.


The table below is used to interpret the reading attained from the pendulum slip tests results and indicate the floors slip potential:


A detailed report will be provided. A certificate on conformity will also be issued if the floor falls into the ‘low potential for slip’ category.

Should the results fall below the HSE guidelines –  bespoke solutions and recommendations will be issued.

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Do you have any cleaning products that would assist in maintaining the slip resistance of my floor?

Dirty floors are often slippery floor. We have a range of cleaning products that can help keep your floors clean and restore the floors natural slip resistant properties.

Commando –A  super powered all-purpose cleaner.  Effective in removing lime-scale and body-fats.

Lazer – Heavy Duty Cleaner. Effective in removing grease, oil and grime.

Ultra Clean – Industrial strength Cleaner. Effective in destroying bacteria, fungi, mildrew and mould.

See the full product range . To order call us on 01206 826788. Orders received before 2pm will be sent out on a next day service.

I clean my floor regularly and remove all traces of dirt yet it is still getting increasingly slippery, is this a fault with the floor?

Some cleaning products may leave a residue on the surface of the floor. This contributes to the slipperiness of the floor – even though the floor looks clean. We would recommend a site visit to test the floor and to assess the cause of the problem. If required we can advise on the correct cleaning procedure and recommend non soapy products which help to keep floors clean and safe. If required we can conduct cleaning training to in-house staff.

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My floor is not that old but looks unsightly and no cleaning product seems to work, can anything done without the costly exercise of replacing the floor?

Our professional teams have a wealth of expert knowledge on all types of flooring issues and would happily visit to assess your floor. We have a range of cleaning products that we can recommend.

A no-obligation floor assessment would be recommended before opting to change the floor.

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Can I apply the anti-slip treatment myself?

The anti-slip treatment we use is bespoke to each floor and requires trained operatives to professionally apply to the floor.

We do sell a DIY kit which can be used on areas up to 10m2 – it is suitable for ceramic and porcelain floors and porcelain baths. Order here

My floor is slippery - how can this be resolved?

If you have a slippery floor – we will arrange a visit to assess your floor. A pendulum slip test can be conducted to assess the potential for slip category.

We will issue a report detailing the slip test results.

If the results place the floor in the ‘low potential for slip’ category we will issue a certificate of conformity to confirm the floor is safe.

If the results place the floor in the ‘high potential for slip’ category – we would recommend the floor has a deep clean and possible anti-slip treatment applied.

We are happy to conduct on-site demonstrations – including slip test to show the difference a deep clean and anti-slip treatment can make.

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Does the anti-slip treatment need to be re-applied in the future?

We would recommend re-application periodically particularly in areas of high foot traffic.  Frequency would be dependent upon analysis of the site. Re-application would be combined with a generic deep clean to restore the aesthetic of the tile. To give you an example in a very busy area annual re-application may be prudent however in a private residence it may not be a requirement for many years.

Recommended annual slip test conducted will provide information on how the anti-slip treatment is performing and build up a history of the floor.

Does the anti-slip treatment come with a guarantee?

We offer a 3 year guarantee with our anti-slip treatment.

To maintain this guarantee we strongly recommend the cleaning schedule provided following treatment is adhered to. We would recommend an annual slip test is conducted to confirm continued conformity to HSE regulations as the cleaning regime can affect the treatment results.

Applying waxes or polishes to the surface will negate the effectiveness of the treatment. The use of detergent based products is also not advised. If not rinsed off properly this can create a build up that will reduce the slip resistance of the surface. We offer a range of cleaning products which have proven to have no impact on the slip resistance of the floor. If another product is used we recommend it is a neutral non-foaming cleaner.

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Does the anti-slip treatment effect the look of the floor?

We have a range of products we use that have been developed to bring out maximum slip resistance with minimum aesthetic changes to the tile.

The product used for most natural stone works is a micro etch treatment.  This is a permanent treatment which microscopically changes the formation of the surface of the stone thus increasing friction. The aesthetics of the tile in this process can be affected particularly if it is a polished tile. We would be happy to conduct testing to sample tiles so any changes can be seen and assessed before any commitments are made.

The cost of this testing service is £75.00 per tile sample. Contact us for further information.

What types of floors does the anti-slip treatment work on?

Our anti-slip treatment works on a number of different types of flooring including  porcelain, ceramic, marble, travertine, limestone and quartz.

We offer a tile sample testing service where if required our treatment can be applied to the sample and sent back to you so the differences are clear to see.

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